Social Media Pack

Fb twitterImprove the image of your conference, awards or event social media feed with quality images from our photographers.

OK so you want to get images of your event out on social media as quickly as possible – but why plunder your image with second rate phone photos. It may take a couple of minutes more, but if you are not announcing the start of World War 3 is it not worth waiting a couple of minutes to access well composed and properly lit professional photos?

The EventPix Social Media Pack ensures that the best quality images will be published on your social media feeds.

This service works in a number of ways – With the basic service the photographers download the images when they get a break and then quickly edits them ready for posting by your social media manager.

For an even faster service the images are downloaded wirelessly from the camera as the photographer is shooting. Your social media manager or our operator then uploads the images with captions and hashtags.

Example – awards presentations

All Twitter and/or Facebook captions are prepared in advance to include the award category, award winner and awards/event hashtag.  We can use a photo of the presentation on stage or better still have your winners come to a studio we have setup nearby for a great photo.  These images are then immediately transferred to our assistant who captions the photo and posts it.

Example – conference

Our photographer gets shots of your keynote speaker as they begin their presentation. Then accesses the images on a laptop or tablet and sends the image to twitter and/or Facebook with appropriate captions.

Alternatively these images can be sent to a laptop or tablet that your social media manager has and they send them out.

Example – promo or social event

As the photographer is shooting the images are automatically downloaded from the camera and uploaded to social media.


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