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There was a time when organizers of charity functions could employ a photographer to take photos then on-sell those photos to the guests. Both the photographer and the charity could make a good profit from it.

However in the age of mobile phones most people have become accustomed to inferior quality photos and are quite happy with them (go figure!)

There are exceptions – involve a celebrity or a themed studio.

For celebrities we set up a studio with themed backdrop or media wall and control the flow of guests through the studio (and prevent people taking their own photos). Guests have their photo taken in the studio and we print it on the spot ready for your team to sell to your guests.

The themed studio works in a similar manner – photos in the studio are printed onsite for your team to sell to your guests.

We charge for the photographer and the printing – so you need to be sure you can sell enough prints to make a profit from the exercise – we do not sell on commission.

For private events such as Weddings, Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs we have special onsite studio or The Ultimate Selfie packages.


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